Speakers and panelists

Our speakers are listed in alphabetical order:

George Bina
George Bina has more than 15 years of experience in working with XML and XML-related technologies and contributes to a number of XML related open source projects.
He is one of the founders of Syncro Soft, the company that develops oXygen XML Editor.
Oana Bota-Achim

More than 10 years ago Oana Bota-Achim realized with delight that being a technical writer was what she wanted to do. Over the years she also did some manual and automatic testing as well as project management and marketing assistance joining companies acting in various fields: networking, traveling and telecom. She has never given up technical writing, being her first true love since 2004.
Oana Bota-Achim is currently managing products’ documentation and localization for Netop, an agile team driven by great achievements.

Magda Caloian

Magda Caloian is tekom-certified technical writer, lead information architect and team trainer in the DITA implementation project at Dolby Laboratories. She advocates effective user assistance and optimized documentation workflows, applying the reuse, flexibility, and exchange mechanisms of the DITA standard.
Her twelve years experience in technical communications, along with a BA in Management, an MSc in Project Management, and the certification in Technical Documentation, shaped an interesting mix of expertise in structured documentation, DITA, and information systems implementation. In her previous jobs, she took part in various projects of content migration, content management systems implementation, rebranding, and localization.

Patricia Comanescu

Patricia Comanescu is currently working as a technical writer in Cluj Napoca, Romania. She graduated in 2007 from a master of technical translation and writing within Paris 7 University, EILA Department (M2ILTS PRO) and worked as a freelance technical translator, then as an employed technical translator in Bucharest (Semantix Development) and Luxembourg (European Commission, General Directorate for Translation, Romanian Unit).

She started working as a technical writer in 2010 with Imprezzio Global an IT company expert in CRM software. Here Patricia Comanescu specialized in webhelp, social media, SEO. She is working currently for Frequentis AG, the leader in traffic air control software, doing BRD, revisions of manuals, online glossaries. She has participated to previous Tekom events, both as a speaker (2010, Bucharest) and as an auditor (2013, Bucharest, Cluj).

Roxana Dascălu
Roxana Dascălu is currently working as Technical Writer at Imprezzio Global, a custom software solution provider, where she creates and maintains browser-based documentation for software products, mainly aimed at the USA market. She graduated in 2006 from Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Letters - Applied Modern Languages.
Before joining this company, Roxana worked as an in-house Technical Translator and then, as Quality Administrative Analyst within Emerson Romania Shared Services. She looks forward to her first Tekom conference participation.
Johannes Egenolf

Johannes Egenolf works as technical writer and customer advocate at K15t Software.

Based on Web 2.0 concepts and technologies he develops methodologies and solutions for tomorrow's technical documentation.

Andrei Popa

Andrei Popa is the Managing Director and the Delivery Manager of DTP services at euroscript Romania since 2013. He started his collaboration with euroscript for publishing services as a Production Assistant, shortly afterwards being promoted as a Production Coordinator and then as a Delivery Manager. He is responsible for the global project life cycle with the ultimate goal of ensuring project success and providing solutions to the customers.

Cristina Popescu
With a BA in English and Spanish, Cristina Popescu has been working in the field of technical communication since 2004, as a technical writer and translator, as well as a subtitler.
She is now a senior technical writer at Oracle, where she is part of a team developing user documentation for clinical trial management software.
She is most interested in innovative authoring tools, the process of defining technical writing standards, and in the development of the technical writing profession in Romania.
Claudia Visinescu
Claudia Visinescu is a tekom-certified technical communicator and member of the tekom Romania Initiative Committee.
She has been working as a technical writer at 1&1 Romania for more than 7 years, acquiring experience in writing for international audiences, localization, internationalization and terminology.
Her latest endeavour is GuideTC, a company specialized in training for technical communicators, where she provides training sessions for internationalization, localization and technical writing. 

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