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Our speakers are listed in alphabetical order:

Eef Blommaart

Eef Blommaart studied Applied Communications in Gent and works as a business development manager at Yamagata Europe, a full service company providing technical & commercial translations into over 60 languages, layout services and print.

Prior to joining Yamagata Europe, Eef worked as a European Customer Service Manager at a Barco division. With more than 20 years of service experience in a highly technical and international world, Eef strongly believes in customer-fitted solutions by applying different available technologies and methods to meet the customers’ expectations.

Hans-Jörg Elsen

Hans-Jörg Elsen studied Electrical Engineering and German Linguistics at the University of Technology Aachen. He works as Technical Lead Technical Publications at Varian Medical Systems Particle Therapy, a leading manufacturer of proton therapy systems for cancer treatment. Prior to Varian, he worked as a technical writer in different industry sectors, such as speech recognition software development or mechanical engineering. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of technical documentation and more than 5 years in the medical device industry he is an expert for technical writing in highly-regulated environments. Hans-Jörg sees that the management of complex requirements and tasks is becoming a major challenge in the professional life of today’s technical writers. He believes that well-structured, flexible processes and with strong self-organization skills are key factors to successful and efficient content creation.

Sebastian Göttel
Sebastian Göttel is Executive Vice President at SCHEMA. He studied computer science at the university Erlangen-Nürnberg and Bordeaux. He has used his expert knowledge for component-based authoring, single source publishing and translation management at SCHEMA since 1998 and as a member of the board there since 2005.
He has accompanied XML- and DITA-based projects at Philips Healthcare, Roche Diagnostics, Bosch Security Systems, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis and many more as consultant and key account manager.
Torsten Gruchmann
Torsten Gruchmann is founder and Managing Director of Use-Lab GmbH, a German independent company which focuses on the development and optimization of usability concepts for medical devices.
Mr. Gruchmann has more than ten years of human factors experience, concentrated in the international medical arena. His studies have involved all kinds of OR-, ICU, laboratory, imaging equipment and home-care as well as diabetes care equipment of medical device manufacturers worldwide.
Mr. Gruchmann graduated in Physical Engineering at the Muenster University of Applied Sciences in 1995.
Upon graduation he worked in the Biomedical Engineering department in a hospital in Muenster for one year. After that he was responsible for setting up the faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Muenster University of Applied Sciences where he stayed for four years. In that time he did the practical training of the students in medical device technologies and medical physics. Besides he established and managed the Centre for Usability Engineering and the Centre for Biomedical Engineering at the University. In 2001 he started up his own business with Use-Lab GmbH.
Since then his work exclusively focused on understanding users’ needs and translating them into product specifications and concept realization and evaluation.
Mr. Gruchmann has shared his professional insights in numerous publications and presentations over the years.
André Vanderschueren

André Vanderschueren is an electronics engineer. After working for several companies as a developer during 12 years, he was appointed manager of a documentation team. He had to learn a new job with the aim to migrate about 2000 pages of existing documentation to a topic-based authoring tool. This was a perfect opportunity to apply the proposed methods and techniques, and to re-organize the full set of manuals. After the first  releases, the positive feedback came back from users, technical support, sales, development… demonstrating that clearly organized documentation was not only useful for the different readers but also cheaper and easier to maintain.
To share this experience, 7 years ago, he started as a freelance technical writer focused on SME. Today, ASTeC proposes a variety of services of and around technical writing with a team of 3 technical writers in Belgium and 5 in France.

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