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How German Manufacturers Create Technical Documentation with ST4 DocuManager

To succeed on a global market, manufacturers have to be flexible, offer different variants, be present in many markets, etc. All these challenges have an impact on the way technical documentation needs to be provided.

Whether it is about localization to three dozen languages, handling variants on different granularity levels, publishing efficiently to different output channels, not getting lost in XML details, etc. ST4 DocuManager offers such features as a ready-to-use solution for technical documentation.

See in a live presentation how more than 100 German and Swiss manufacturers use ST4 DocuManager on a daily basis for
•    Modularizing documents in a simple and effective way
•    Handling variants with different degrees of granularity
•    Localizing into multiple languages
•    Publishing efficiently without scripting in/(into) different formats
•    Integrating MS Word as authoring tool in a 100% XML environment

Speaker: Sebastian Göttel
Sebastian Göttel is Executive Vice President at SCHEMA. He studied computer science at the university Erlangen-Nürnberg and Bordeaux. He has used his expert knowledge for component-based authoring, single source publishing and translation management at SCHEMA since 1998 and as a member of the board there since 2005. He has accompanied XML- and DITA-based projects at Philips Healthcare, Roche Diagnostics, Bosch Security Systems, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis and many more as consultant and key account manager.

SCHEMA has gained expertise by having worked for more than 15 years with over 300 industrial customers around the world such as Siemens, Bosch, Philips, Daimler, General Electric, Toyota, MAN, ABB, Lufthansa, Bombardier, Agilent, Sagem, Ericsson, Carl Zeiss, Voith, SEW Eurodrive, Nero, INA Schaeffler, Doppelmayr, etc.

Machine Translation and Big Language Challenges

"Anytime, anywhere" access to information is now the norm. Fueled by the volume, velocity and variety of this information, global companies now have a Big Language problem to solve in order to meet customer expectations and deliver a consistent customer experience across languages. Customers prefer to read in their native languages.  
Technical documentation professionals often struggle to balance the costs of doing business while maintaining competitiveness. Operational costs need to be minimized, while continuing to communicate effectively across the supply chain. With the right technology solution to manage translation and multilingual communication, it is possible to drastically increase efficiency and inject value into global communication that can be seen by employees, the supply chain and consumers.
To solve the Big Language problem, there are opportunities to leverage both human translation and machine translation, to maximize and balance efficiency and quality based on target audience, purpose of the content, and budget.

SDL works with companies like Horiba Medical, Philips Healthcare, RS Components, Chrysler, Jaguar Land Rover, CNH and AGCO to ensure customers always have access to information in their language.

Speaker: Raluca Georgescu, Business Development Manager, SDL

Raluca Georgescu is the Benelux Business Development Manager for SDL Language Solutions. She joined SDL in 2009 and has been a key team member in the SDL family ever since; developing her skills in different roles and widening her knowledge of the localization industry. Raluca works as part of a global team to deliver locally relevant customer experiences throughout the customer’s journey with SDL. Focusing on delivering language management solutions to help businesses drive growth, manage their brands and increase global revenues.
Before starting her career at SDL, Raluca worked as a Process Assistant for Office Depot France and she also taught Japanese at the Interstudia Language Centre. Raluca has a passion for languages, she studied French and Japanese in Romania and has a Masters degree in International Business Administration and Communication. Her interests include Marketing, Astronomy and Japanese.

SDL enables global businesses to enrich their customers’ experience through the entire customer journey. SDL’s technology and services help brands to predict what their customers want and engage with them across multiple languages, cultures, channels and devices. We have over 1,500 enterprise customers, 400 partners and a global infrastructure of 70 offices in 38 countries. 72 of the top 100 brands work with SDL.


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