Who are the organizers of the tekom Europe Roadshow?

The tekom Europe Roadshow is organized by tcworld GmbH, the service provider of tekom Europe, Europe’s largest professional association for technical communication.

tekom Europe understands itself as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and information. The association is organized in the different tekom country organizations – that means that in each destination of the roadshow a local group of volunteers supports the work and ideas of the association. tcworld GmbH has a profound experience in organizing conferences on technical communication worldwide, from small events to large-scale conferences and exhibitions.

Meet the tekom Europe Roadshow project team

Kiriaki Kampouridou

+49 711 65704-73

Conference Portal /

Social Media

Natascha Pfeiffer

+49 711 65704-58

Marketing /


Nicoai Scholl
+49 711 65704-52


Kathrin Sözen

+49 711 65704-57

Venue coordination /


Daniela Tudor

Marketing Team

Johanna Weitensteiner

+49 711 65704-55

Project management