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How to submit contributions

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Once you have logged in, please select 'My tekom' then select 'Conference tool' on the left hand side.

On the next page, select  'Speaker' at the top right hand corner and then 'My Contributions'.

Please select 'New contribution' a pop up screen will appear, then select tcworld India conference.

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Conditions of Participation

Submitting a proposal constitutes acceptance of the conditions of participation (listed below). Final acceptance is overseen by the tcworld India Conference Advisory Board.

  • Only complete applications will be considered. The Conference Advisory Board reserves the right to suggest that speakers modify topics or presentation formats.
  • Acceptances and commitments are considered to be linked to individual speakers, not companies. If the proposed speaker becomes unavailable, acceptance of replacements is at the discretion of the Conference Advisory Board.
  • Speakers can attend the conference for free. Compensation for presentation preparation and travel expenses will not be paid. Only one person (the presenter/speaker) receives free admittance to the conference. If in some cases there are two or three speakers for one session, only one person will receive free registration. Exempt from this rule are workshops.
  • Upon acceptance of your proposal, you agree to provide an abstract for the conference proceedings approximately two months prior to the conference. At the same time, you also grant tcworld India all rights for the publication of your article as well in electronic media.
  • With the submission of your proposal, you agree to send your presentation slides after the meeting as a PDF file to the webmaster of tcworld for publication on the tcworld India website.

Application Acceptance

The Board evaluates according to the following criteria:

  • Topic (relevance, value to conference participants, etc.)
  • Anticipated quality of the contribution (quality of the session description, clear structure of the submitted layout, etc.)
  • Speaker (expertise, previous experience with the speaker, performance of the speaker in previous conferences)
  • Neutrality (absence of advertising, no product placements, etc.)

If your proposal is approved, you will be notified at the end of September 2012.

We are accepting contributions until September 14, 2012.