Cost Overview

What does it cost? tcworld conference 2019

Stand row area / 3 days270 Euro / sqm370 Euro / sqm
Stand corner area / 3 days295 Euro / sqm400 Euro / sqm
Stand head area / 3 days310 Euro / sqm435 Euro / sqm
Sand island area / 3 days330 Euro / sqm475 Euro / sqm

Co-exhibitor / day

Minimum stand size with 1 co-exhibitor 9 sqm, with 2 co-exhibitors 12 sqm. Maximum 2 co-exhibitors

210 Euro260 Euro
Stand construction

For your comfort we offer complete stand packages including services like set up, furniture, electrical connection, etc. The packages can be ordered via the Online Ordering System of Messe Stuttgart.

From 67 Euro / sqm on

The stand package "Super Light" for 67 Euro / sqm fullfills the minimum requirements for booth constructions)

Services from the exhibitor service of Messe StuttgartThe rental fee includes only the floor area without any equipment like electrical connections, booth set up, carpet, etc. These services can be ordered via the Online Ordering System of Messe Stuttgart. For detailed prices please see the particular forms.
General energy consumption

The cost of the fair’s general energy consumption (hall lighting, elevators etc.) will be  billed pro rata by tcworld GmbH after the fair, regardless of whether power supply for the stand was ordered or not.

Following rates will be invoiced:

  • Stand size up to 15 sqm: 75 Euro
  • Stand size larger than 15 sqm: 150 Euro


The individual energy consumption per exhibitor will be billed by Messe Stuttgart after the fair according to the energy consumption.


Fair vouchers for your visitors10 Euro / voucher10 Euro / voucher

Exhibitors are entitled beforehand to order fair voucher codes, fair flyers, posters and printed conference programs. Used fair vouchers will be charged. VAT is not included!

Fair vouchers can not be used for booth personnel!

Stand personnel fee for additional staff

90 Euro / day

140 Euro per day

The stand fee includes the conference fee for the stand personnel depending on the stand size:

up tp 9 sqm: 1 person
from 10 sqm: 2 persons

from 15 sqm: 3 persons
from 20 sqm: 4 persons
from 30 sqm: 6 persons
from 40 sqm: 8 persons

from 50 sqm: 10 persons

from 60 sqm: 12 persons

from 80 sqm: 16 persons

from 100 sqm: 20 persons

Registered stand personnel, who have not been cancelled four days before the conference starts, will be charged in full after the conference.

Sponsoring and advertisingPlease contact our sales office sales(at) for more information. 
Tool Presentations and Technology PodiumsFor a time-slot of 45 min we charge 200 EUR plus VAT. More information is available here (coming soon).
Rental of Meeting Rooms All information is available here (coming soon).
ParkingLong term parking permits can be ordered via the Online Ordering Service of Messe Stuttgart. The permits are valid for the entire duration of the fair including the day of set up.
Hotel reservationAccomodations in different classifications can be booked under specification of the keyword "tekom-exhibitor" at or by phone +49 711 2228-100.

All quoted prices are exclusive of sales tax (VAT) 19%