Trends in Technical Communication

Intelligent Information


  • Structuring methods with or without XML
  • DITA and S1000D data model for Technical Writing
  • Software tools for structured authoring
  • Making contents intelligent with meta data

Content networking

  • Content Generation
  • User generated content
  • Content Mash-Ups
  • Elimination of information silos
  • Inclusion of new sources
  • ERP/PLM-systems as sources of content

Intelligent Publishing

  • Scenarios for component-based content management systems (CCMS)
  • Implementing and usage of CCMS
  • CCMS - modules, evaluation and efficiency
  • Cross media/cross channel publishing
  • Automated publishing processes
  • Managing translation processes with CCMS
  • Content delivery portals
  • Networking type at content delivery

Mobile Documentation

  • Business cases
  • Advantages and disadvantages of mobile browser versions vs. app programming
  • Handling app data
  • Editorial process design for mobile documentation (modular writing, modular data management, automation)
  • Concepts of operation and navigation
  • Technical backgrounds of app programming
  • Communication strategies for mobile documentation

Technical Videos

  • Scripting of storyboards for technical videos
  • Pre-production, technical requirements
  • Filming technical videos
  • Post-production – editing, scoring, embedding
  • Tools for video editing
  • Creating computer/web-based training sessions
  • Target formats for technical videos and video players
  • 3D videos
  • Interactivity, searchability, navigation, linking to social media
  • Animated explanatory videos

Digital Product Communication

  • Content strategy
  • Web statistics/analytics
  • User feedback
  • Social feedback
  • Inbound marketing

Augmented Reality

  • Concepts, scenarios
  • Information modeling
  • Authoring tools, media production, ...
  • Link to Content Management Output
  • App applications (wearables, head-up displays, tablets, ...)
  • Object recognition, 3D models, Building Information Modeling (BIM), ...

Technical Marketing

  • Product information management (PIM) 
  • Catalog creation
  • Terminology and content marketing
  • Operating instructions as marketing tool
  • Customer loyalty through product marketing
  • Marketing automation/automated document creation

Service Information (speeches at the arena)

  • No traditional topics of technical documentation
  • Concepts and challenges in servce documentation
  • Invite your service colleagues to give a speech