Essentials in Technical Communication

Legal Requirements

  • Legal requirements on technical documentation, product liability and product safety law
  • Standards on national and international level
  • General and horizontal standards
  • Product standards and industry standards (Revisions, new standards, ...)
  • Copyright law (for instance regarding the technical documentation of suppliers, translations services, especially translation memory)
  • Contract law (e.g. contracts with suppliers)

Project, Team and Cost Management in Technical Communication

  • Change management
  • Designing review process
  • Human resources management and development
  • Agile project management
  • Key figures
  • Vendor sourcing and management
  • Cost and performance accounting in TD

International Management

  • Characteristics of different markets
  • Managing international teams
  • Strategies for internationalization and localization
  • Business culture in...
  • Translation or product development for special regions (e.g. Asia, Eastern Europe, ...)

Technical Authoring

  • Research and interview techniques
  • Analysis of target groups
  • Didactics of instructions
  • Writing techniques
  • Text comprehensibility

Visual Communication

  • Concepts
  • Technical illustration
  • Designing pictograms
  • Adopting CAD for creating graphics
  • 3D animation, WebGL
  • Graphic standards for technical communication

User Experience

  • Tips and tricks/best practices
  • Rules for the design of user-friendly interfaces (GUIs)
  • Test and evaluation process (e.g. usability assessments, customer surveys, site visits)
  • Designing online help

Learning Media

  • Knowledge media
  • Web-based training (WBT) / Web-based learning (WBL)
  • Gamification
  • Storytelling
  • Learning and support
  • User empowerment