Industry Forums

New at the Annual Meeting: “Service Information” and “Learning Media” Industry Forums

tekom has initiated a new event format with the tcworld conference in 2017: industry forums scheduled for October 24 and 25. The primary focus of the industry forum will be on interfaces between technical communication and related fields. The related fields chosen for 2017 are “service information” and “learning media”.

Experts will take a look at their field, define interfaces, demonstrate future developments, discuss possible improvements and present technical solutions.

Lectures, presentations and short discussion rounds have been planned; all these will be chaired by an expert from the respective field.


The “service information” industry forum will take place on October 25, and the forum on learning media will take place on October 24. Every industry forum will take place between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM.


A separate arena will be built for the industry forum in Exhibition Hall C1 of the ICS. There will be room for 100 people and a stage.


All participants in the conference and exhibition visitors can participate in any industry forum free of cost.


The following formats have been planned so far: keynote, short lecture, practical example and discussion.