JTCA and tekom

Our passion is networking overseas!

Since the start of the cooperation between JTCA (Japanese Technical Communicators Association) and tekom 10 years ago both sides could establish successful joint activities together. Both associations are working on a common goal: improving the information quality and working conditions for all who are involved with technical communication and documentation. Despite living thousands of miles apart JTCA and tekom were facing similar challenges. The speed and complexity of technological innovations make it necessary to establish knowledge exchange on a local and global level.  In an increasing knowledge-based economy this cooperation is a great opportunity to stay well-informed of the latest industry news and developments and to be professional prepared.



From Meet and Greet to Steady Conference Exchanges

1. First encounter: Mr. Kuroda, the director of JTCA, visited tekom director Mr. Fritz at the tekom´s office in Stuttgart, to discuss initial joint activities.

2. The first common activity, five months later: tekom participated in a panel discussion at the JTCA symposium in Tokyo. A major topic was safety instructions, because of the considerable interest at that time in product safety.

3. For the first time, JTCA attended one of the tcworld conferences in Wiesbaden, Germany. Since then, JTCA has visited the tcworld conference every year…

4. … and the following year it had a booth at the tcworld conference for the first time . JTCA brought Chinese and Korean TC delegates to the conference. - A great opportunity to strengthen our overseas connections.

5. JTCA expressed interest in exchanging ideas with tekom about standards, such as IEC 62079. Since then, JTCA and tekom have collaborated in the field of standardization.

6. In 2010: The first round-table meeting took place, in Tokyo. A few months later, Mr. Fritz and Mr. Kuroda went to the headquarters of the ILO following the tcworld conference. Together, they agreed with the ILO to include the job title “technical communicator” in the occupations listed in ISCO-08.

7. The roundtable has become more and more multicultural: tekom introduced Indian, Swiss and Italian TC associations to JTCA.

8. After cooperating successfully for nine years, JTCA and tekom decided to sign a Cooperation Agreement. The agreement is a clear indication that both sides agree on the way in which they want to continue their successful joint activities.

9. Today, we celebrate ten years of cooperation at tcworld conference 2017. Japanese and German speaker

We are looking forward to maintain & cultivate our overseas network and stay passionate about it.