Conference Topics


API Developer Documentation

In developer documentation, application programming interfaces (shorter: API) are documented, showing e.g. how API documentation can be created automatically from source code.

AR Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality supplements the real world with virtual information. For example, context-dependent supplementary technical information is displayed in a mechanic’s field of vision. A future technology – suited perfectly for technical communication.

DPC Digital Product Communication

With digital media, technical communication advances into new dimensions: The right content strategy helps you manage content consistently and cost-efficiently. Using web analysis and search engine optimization, you can tailor your content to clients and their requirements with optimum results. Keep in contact with your clients quickly and easily with feedback channels and social media.


The GALA Localization Forum will examine a range of translation and localization topics including terminology, data-driven decision making, translation technology, and neural machine translation. All professionals with a stake in translation or localization are encouraged to attend.

IEn Information Energy

Infomedians go for Information 4.0 and take the next steps
Documentation as we know it is dead. What next...?
Join us for the discussion on the development of documentation 4.0.
We’ll talk about what this means for us, information designers, for our companies and our strategy. We hope to set some practical steps and need your help! Infomedians work together to get Information 4.0 on the road.

IM International Management

With internationalization and globalization the management of technical communication meets new challenges. Learn how to work with distributed teams, how to overcome linguistic and cultural differences, how to ensure a smooth workflow across borders and time zones and how to apply specific technologies in this context.

IN Intelligent Information

The dynamic provision of user information based on use cases is the future of technical communication: Individualized information at the right time in the right place, in the medium of choice. Challenges in information creation will consist of structured authoring, Component Content Management, metadata, intelligent provision, use cases and user experience.


iiRDS - The International Standard for Intelligent Information Request and Delivery.

JTR Junge Technische Redakteure (German Track Only)

Studierende und Berufseinsteiger berichten von Projekten, Studienarbeiten und Erfahrungen aus dem Studium und den ersten Berufsjahren im Bereich Technische Dokumentation. Lernen Sie den fachlichen „Nachwuchs“ kennen und kommen Sie ins Gespräch.

Language Technology

Language technology supports the processing of natural language through the use of computers. Language technology applications are found in all areas, from technical writing to translation.

MOB Mobile Documentation

Supplying technical information for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) is turning into an important driver for technical communication. Find out more about communication strategies for mobile documentation, business model generation, mobile browser versions, app programming, user-friendly design and the role of technical writers.

NORM Legal Requirement

Get basic knowledge, and stay up-to-date on the newest developments in contractual law, product liability law and product safety law, as well as on the most important national and international standards.

PTK Project, Team and Cost Management

Efficiently managing information development is of utmost importance. Learn more about management methods, practical examples in the organization and deployment of personnel and tools along the entire process chain.

TA Technical Authoring

Learn about the basic principles of Technical Authoring such as analysis of target groups, didactics of instructions, writing techniques and text comprehensibility. Experts outline the pitfalls of writing for an international audience and show best practices and methods that help you to master this challenge successfully.


Various tekom projects and findings of tekom working groups are presented.

TERM Terminology

Consistent terminology is a quality criterion for good and intelligible technical information. Experts show how to establish and manage a corporate terminology, what software to use for that, and what organizational precautions to take.

TM Technical Marketing

Using synergies between marketing and processing of information in technical communication: product information management (PIM), terminology and content marketing, operating instructions as marketing tool as well as customer loyalty through product marketing.

TV Technical Videos

Texts, photographs, graphics, and 3D-designs can complement hyper videos in a dynamic and interactive manner, and remove the linearity of videos. It can, if done well, guide the learning process and adjust the medium to an individual learning pace.

UX User Experience

Does your content strike the right chord with users? Do your offerings successfully pull in clients? With user experience analyses, you can test whether technical communication is reaching people. These allow you to fine-tune your content to user types and use scenarios and optimize user interfaces and navigation paths.

VISU Visual Communication

Lectures inform about the basics of virtual communication, import of CAD-data for graphics production, and the importance of typography in texts. In addition, you will learn how to create and expediently utilize 3D animation, utility films, product videos, and learning videos.