Conference Topics

CS   Content Strategies

Do you want to leverage the way in which you communicate with your customers and the users of your products, software or services? Do you want to implement a content strategy that leads to success? Then you should analyze what social media, mobile communication, search engine optimization and all the other new technologies require of the way you create, deliver and store your contents.

IM   International Management

Internationalization and globalization have brought about new challenges in the management of technical communication. Learn how to work with distributed teams, how to overcome linguistic and cultural differences, how to ensure a smooth workflow across borders and time zones and how to apply specific technologies in this context.

LOC   Localization

If manufacturers want to compete on the international market, their products have to meet the demands of the target markets. In this stem, you will find out everything you need to know about the internationalization of software and information products, from new technologies to the management of localization projects.

LT   Language Technologies

Language Technology combines modern computer technology with (human) language. This allows the development of new and attractive applications for reading systems, spell checkers and machine translations.

MOB   Mobile Documentation

Supplying technical information for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) is turning into an important driver for technical communication. Find out more about communication strategies for mobile documentation, business model generation, mobile browser versions, app programming, user-friendly design and the role of technical writers.

TA   Technical Authoring

Learn about the basic principles of Technical Authoring such as analysis of target groups, didactics of instructions, writing techniques and text comprehensibility. Experts outline the pitfalls of writing for an international audience and show best practices and methods that help you to master this challenge successfully.

TERM   Terminology

Consistent terminology is one of the essential aspects of good and user-friendly technical documentation. Experts explain how to build up and manage a corporate terminology data base, which tools are available, and which organizational requirements need to be met.

UA   User Assistance

Learn all about the trends and techniques of online help tools and standards, wikis and web 2.0 technologies. Discuss best practice examples with the experts.