Upload Exhibitor Information

Here you can upload and edit your announcement text and your logo, and register your booth personnel.

Important Notes!


The announcement text is limited to 450 characters including spaces. For the logo we need

  • a JPG file for the Internet (RGB color space) as well as
  • an EPS file for printing (min. resolution 300 dpi/3x3 cm) 

How to proceed:

    1. Log in using your exhibitor account. If you haven’t received your login information yet, you will obtain it by email starting May 9th.
    2. Open the conference tool. You can find the link at the end of these instructions. The tool will open in a new window.
    3. Please ignore the upper bluish area in the conference tool. You don’t need it for this task.
    4. In the upper area of the page you will find the list of exhibitors that you manage. If you manage your co-exhibitors as well, you can choose the respective exhibitor here.
    5. Directly below you can find the work area. Hier you can edit your company profile(s).
    6. You can edit the exhibitor information with the help of the online editor. Permitted formatting: subheadings, bold text and bulleted lists.
    7. Note: When pasting from the clipboard all formatting of the copied text will be removed.
    8. Note: Text length is limited to 450 characters.
    9. Upload a print logo (EPS) and an online logo (JPG) by choosing a local file with “Search”, and clicking on “Upload”.
    10. Important: Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking the “Save” button.
    11. Registering booth personnel: Select the tab “Booth Personnel” and add the names of the booth personnel to the table. Please don’t forget to specify the dates on which the booth personnel is present.
    12. Close the conference tool with the help of the browser.

    Edit exhibitor info