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Questions and answers regarding the annual conference

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Your trade fair presence—planning and preparation

When is the registration deadline for the tekom annual conference 2012?

Basically registration is possible as long as raw spaces for exhibition booths are available. But if you register after July 6, 2012, you will not be included in the printed conference program.

You can view all relevant dates at a glance in the form "Schedule for the trade fair".

I have never been in the Rhein-Main halls—are there any pictures available?

Here you can take a virtual tour through the trade fair halls:


Is our booth subject to approval?

All exhibition booths exceeding a height of 2,50 meter, multi-story booths or booths that are closed on multiple sides (e.g. containers, cabins, tents), mobile booths (vehicles, trailers) as well as special designs are always subject to approval.

Please adhere strictly to the safety regulations that are included in the service portfolio of the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH on page 20/21.

For each booth, independent of its height, a booth layout has to be submitted to the organizer for test and approval, at the latest three weeks before the event starts, using the following contact details:

Rhein-Main-Hallen Wiesbaden

Rheinstr. 20

65185 Wiesbaden

Phone: +49 611 / 144-375 or -347

Fax: +49 611 / 144-224


Exempt from this are exhibitors who have placed an order with the Rhein-Main-Hallen for the construction of a system booth.

Is an official booth construction partner available?

You can order a system booth and furniture through the exhibitor service of the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH.

What kind of floor does the exhibition area have?

The halls are furnished with a light patterned stone tile floor. Exceptions: Halls 1 and 8 (dark parquet floor). The load capacity of the hall floor is 500 kg/sqm.

You can order carpets through the exhibitor service of the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH, service portfolio page 30. Please adhere to the safety regulations of the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH, included in the service portfolio, if you want to bring your own floor cover.

How do I obtain exhibitor passes and how much do they cost?

The booth fee includes the conference fees for the booth personnel according to the size of the booth area:

  • Up to 9 sqm: 1 person
  • from 10 sqm: 2 persons
  • from 15 sqm: 3 persons
  • from 20 sqm: 4 persons
  • from 25 sqm: 5 persons
  • from 30 sqm: 6 persons
  • from 35 sqm: 7 persons
  • from 40 sqm: 8 persons
  • from 45 sqm: 9 persons
  • from 50 sqm: 10 persons
  • from 55 sqm: 11 persons
  • from 60 sqm: 12 persons
  • from 70 sqm: 14 persons
  • from 80 sqm: 16 persons
  • from 90 sqm: 18 persons
  • from 100 sqm: 20 persons

Additional passes can be purchased. The costs are: Corporate members 90 Euro/day, Non-members 140 Euro/day (q. v. http://beta.tekom.de)

Exhibitor passes entitle you to attend the conference.

Trade fair tickets (guest vouchers) are not valid as tickets for booth personnel! Please add your booth personnel to the conference portal by September 28, 2012.

When do I receive the exhibitor passes?

You will receive the exhibitor passes on site at the registration desk.

The prerequisite for the receipt of the exhibitor passes is that the bill for the booth rent has been paid in full.

What ticket do I need to order for a speaker at the conference?

No action required; speakers are already registered! They will receive a conference ticket including lunch voucher. You don't need to enter them into the conference portal.

What ticket do I need to order for a speaker of a Tool Presentation / Technology Panel within the exhibition?

Please note that the speakers are to be entered into your conference portal account no later than October 28, 2012. Either as:

  • Booth staff (includes lunch and full access to all parts of conference, exhibition, etc.)
  • As a visitor with a Fair Voucher (no access prior to 9:00 am, does not include lunch or access to the official part of the conference)
  • Speaker at the conference (no action required; speakers are already registered).



How do I reserve a meeting room?

Exhibitors have the opportunity to rent meeting rooms on the second floor. From Tuesday until Thursday three office spaces are available, for a maximum of 6-8 persons. The costs for exhibitors are 200 Euro per day plus VAT. Please note that the organizer will not assume any liability regarding technology or valuables stored in the rooms.

If you need a meeting room please contact messe@tekom.de .

Does our company need any exhibitor insurance?

Yes. An exhibitor insurance (third-party liability insurance) is mandatory. The limit of liability must be a minimum of 500.000 Euro for property damage, 1.000.000 Euro for personal damages, and 50.000 Euro for financial losses. We recommend that you extend your employer's liability insurance to include the risk of exhibition participation, thus covering possible damage liabilities.

It is your responsibility to insure your booths and inhibits. Please refer to the service portfolio of the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH, page 70/71.

The trade fair offers a booth security service. Please refer to the service

Assembly and disassembly

When are the times for assembly and disassembly?

Assembly: Monday, October 22, 2012 from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm

Disassembly: Thursday, October 25, 2012 from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm

An early assembly is possible but it does involve additional costs. If you want to set up your stand on Sunday please fill in the form "Early set up". You can download it here.

Are freight elevators available for the upper floor?

Yes, freight elevators are available for transporting heavy exhibited articles to the upper floor. The dimensions are included in the safety regulations of the service portfolio of the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH, page 10.

How is the delivery/pickup of exhibition goods organized during the assembly and disassembly?

All vehicles are allowed to use the loading area in front of the gates for loading and unloading, but need to leave the area immediately after loading is finished. Parking is strictly prohibited in the loading area. There is no deposit required for entering the loading area.

Vehicular access:

Goods for hall 1 via Rheinstraße 20 (Gates G + H)

Goods for hall 3, Foyer ground floor via Friedrich-Ebert-Allee (main entrance)

Goods for hall 3, Foyer Diana ground floor via Friedrich-Ebert-Allee (entrance Diana-Brunnen)

Goods for hall 4 via Friedrich-Ebert-Allee (Ladehof Süd, Gates A, B, D + E)

Goods for Foyer 2nd floor via Ladehof Süd (elevators IV + VI)

Where can trucks be parked?

Paid parking spaces are available for trucks at the Moltkering or in the Ladehof Süd. There is no parking for cars, trucks, buses and trailers on the premises of the Rhein-Main-Hallen.

During the fair

Where can cars be parked?

Cars can be parked in the parking garage "Rhein-Main-Hallen" (Rheinstraße 5, 65185 Wiesbaden).

You can find an overview of all parking garages in the vicinity of the trade fair in the service portfolio of the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH, page 26/27.

There is no parking for cars, trucks, buses and trailers on the premises of the Rhein-Main-Hallen.

How are the trade fair halls secured?

The Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH offers a general security service for the halls and the open-air area during the trade fair. If you need specific security services for your booth and exhibiting articles during the assembly and disassembly, during the opening hours of the trade fair as well as outside of the opening hours you need to contract this yourself. Please refer to the service portfolio of the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH, page 40.


Together with your exhibitor pass you will receive meal vouchers for the days on which you are present at the trade fair. If you need additional meal vouchers, you can buy these for 25 Euro each at the registration desk. Lunch will be served in hall 5 for all conference attendees as well as the booth personnel. The specific lunch times are included in the printed conference program. Your trade fair visitors can find a nice selection of food and beverages in the bistro in hall 9.

Booth parties

If you are planning a party on your stand on Tuesday or Wednesday please start not before 5:30 pm. The halls have security and surveillance service until 9:00 pm (no entrance after 8:00 pm, exit until 9:00 pm latest). For parties that last longer than 9:00 pm, you must order security at your own expense. Please Email requests to m.hartmann@rhein-main-hallen.de.

Arrival and stay

How do I reach the venue by public transport?

You can find your ideal route here: www.rmv.de.

How do I find the venue with my navigational system?

The address of the trade fair in Wiesbaden is Rheinstraße 20, 65185 Wiesbaden.

Where can I stay overnight?

We have reserved rooms of a varying price range in different hotels in Wiesbaden. You can book these rooms on our conference portal.

Advertising and sponsoring

How can I add my company to the list of trade fair companies in the conference program?

For the announcement of your trade fair presence on the Internet (conference portal) as well as in the conference program we need a brief description of your company along with your company's logo.

Please upload both to the tekom conference portal.

Please note that we can only publish those announcement texts and logos that we have received by July 6, 2012 at the latest! This entry as well as the entry in the list of exhibitors, which will be available during the conference, is included in the rental fee.

Which advertising and sponsoring opportunities are available for exhibitors?

Some examples are inserts or sponsoring of the opening event. Please contact Cornelia Ilg c.ilg@tekom.de for more information. Unauthorized promotional activities (e.g. distribution of leaflets, placing of advertisements) are prohibited.

How can I invite my customers to the trade fair?

Prior to the trade fair exhibitors can order free guest vouchers and conference programs for their customers. Exhibitors will only be billed for those vouchers that are actually redeemed on site. The vouchers cost 10 Euro each. The vouchers and the conference program will be mailed by the end of August.

Technical services

How can our company order technical services for the trade fair?

All technical services can be ordered through the service portfolio of the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH.fileadmin/images/static/conferences/f12/Servicemappe_tekom_2012.pdf

Does my booth have a power supply?

No. If you need a power supply, please order it through the service portfolio of the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH, page 52-54.

If you order a fully-equipped booth, the power supply is included.

Does my booth have internet access?

No. If you need internet access, please order it through the service portfolio of the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH.

Billing of trade fair services

Who will send the bill for trade fair services?

By the end of July at the latest you will receive the bill from tekom for the rental of the exhibition space. This rental fee refers to the pure space—any power supply or power consumption is not included.

Additional costs for booth personnel, redeemed guest vouchers or other services that the exhibitor has ordered from tekom, will be billed by tekom after the trade fair. Costs pertaining to exhibitor services such as system booths, furniture, power and water supply, internet access etc. will be billed by the Rhein-Main-Hallen GmbH. Please keep in mind that these services have to be paid in advance or in cash on site. The terms of payment can be found on the respective order forms.