Speakers and Panelists

      Dr. Michael Fritz, tekom / tcworld GmbH, Germany

Michael Fritz holds a PhD in media sciences and a degree in business administration and specializes in marketing. He worked for several associations, e.g. as head of an institute for lifelong learning. Since 1996 he is Chief Executive Officer of Gesellschaft für Technische  Kommunikation e.V. tekom. Since 2001 he is also Chief Executive Officer of tcworld GmbH, a company providing services for tekom.

        Jang Graat, Netherlands
Jang F.M. Graat studied Physics, Psychology and Philosophy. Worked in high-tech computer business for almost 25 years as systems designer, technical writer, trainer and consultant. Started his own business 17 years ago. Has presented on a wide variety of topics in conferences around the globe. His main focus is on explaining technology to non-technical audiences and explaining complex concepts in a way that even his mother-in-law can understand. Has taught himself programming and now spends most of his time creating user-friendly tools based on FrameMaker and DITA. Loves to ride his Moto Guzzi to a conference (but that only works in some cases). Does not always wear the Dutch war colors on his cheeks.

    Berry Braster, Etteplan Tedopres, Netherlands
Berry Braster is the Sales and Marketing Director of Etteplan | Tedopres, a leader in technical information services. Berry holds an B.A. in International Marketing & Business Management from the University of Amsterdam and has a background in quality assurance and regulatory affairs. Being a Dutch native, but having lived in the United States for 9 years, Berry travels about 100,000 miles per year to assist organizations with their global strategy for product and manual compliance. He has been with Etteplan | Tedopres for 11 years, during which he has managed the implementation of Etteplan | Tedopres' leading Simplified Technical English solution HyperSTE with companies in various companies, including American Airlines, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, FAA, Fokker, Embraer, EADS and many more.
  Stéphane Arnaud, euroscript
Stéphane Arnaud is business developer at euroscript International, a leading company providing customers with global solutions in content management. He has more than 15 years of experience in bringing value added services to demanding organizations whose success relies on the quality and the consistency of their technical documentation.

Panel Discussion - Best Practices for Creating Value from Technical Contents

Fulvio Marfoni, HP, Netherlands
Content, Localisation and Mobile strategist, Fulvio helped to chart the course for HP's Customer Support web presence from the very  beginning.
Fulvio is with HP for the last 31 years, in different positions, all related to Support.
He is currently responsible for WW Content and Localisation Strategies for Support Services.
  Constant Gordon, NXP Semiconductors, Netherlands
Being educated as a master in Physics, he started my business career as a market researcher for ICs. From market research to industrial engineering, sales support and application engineering he learned a great deal about the importance of good product specification and user information. Not knowing how to write, but knowing what is needed for product designers and sales engineers to get documentation that helps the customer, he started as support manager in the technical documentation team at Philips Semiconductors which later became NXP. Today he is the team manager of the technical author and illustrators pool in NXP and functional responsible for all technical product information contributors.

  Thijs de Vries,  Philip, Netherlands
Thijs de Vries has a Bachelor in Logistics & Production Management and has a MBA in business economics. He worked for various companies like British Steel, CSC Consulting, Manutan.  He is currently working at Philips Consumer Lifestyle in the Innovation & Development as a project /program manager and is owner of IMIT Services, consulting various firms like Infinitaslearning. It was since working for the innovation & development industry that he began to develop an interest in Document Management and Product & Service user manuals.
He has developed in-depth knowledge in this area through his close collaboration with the Philips business unit TV and various suppliers like Author IT and SDL. He is a strong believer in standards like CMII and GS1 for enabling clear, concise and valid communication of information and documentation.  In the past years, he has had specific interests in the supplier and customer collaboration in the way the Product Life Cycles are being managed. With great interests, he follows companies like Boeing (battery issues) and Gazelle executing the product re-call/ recovery.
  Age Knossen, DAF Trucks, Netherlands
Age Knossen has a Master in Mechanical Engineering. He leads the Technical Information, Training and Diagnostic department within DAF Trucks NV. His department develops systems and content which enable truck dealers to maintain and repair trucks in the most efficient way. Most recent dealer tool innovation is the chassis specific electrical wiring diagram system.

  Karin Schwandt, Schwandt Infographics, Netherlands
During her graphical education Karin Schwandt developed a great passion for infographics. In 2001 she started her own design agency, which now consist of eight people. Schwandt Infographics is specialized in visualizing (technical) information. Karin and her team design infographics for print, as well as interactive and animated infographics. They work for over 150 clients per year, in (news)media, governmental organizations, universities, medical organizations and corporations in the technical industry. With great interest in both design and content.