Speakers and Panelists


      Dr. Michael Fritz, tekom / tcworld GmbH, Germany

Michael Fritz holds a PhD in media sciences and a degree in business administration and specializes in marketing. He worked for several associations, e.g. as head of an institute for lifelong learning. Since 1996 he is Chief Executive Officer of Gesellschaft für Technische  Kommunikation e.V. tekom. Since 2001 he is also Chief Executive Officer of tcworld GmbH, a company providing services for tekom.

        Jang F.M. Graat, Netherlands
Jang F.M. Graat studied Physics, Psychology and Philosophy. Worked in high-tech computer business for almost 25 years as systems designer, technical writer, trainer and consultant. Started his own business 17 years ago. Has presented on a wide variety of topics in conferences around the globe. His main focus is on explaining technology to non-technical audiences and explaining complex concepts in a way that even his mother-in-law can understand. Has taught himself programming and now spends most of his time creating user-friendly tools based on FrameMaker and DITA. Loves to ride his Moto Guzzi to a conference (but that only works in some cases). Does not always wear the Dutch war colors on his cheeks.
   Nicholas Hill, STVY, Finland
Nick Hill is director of Mesabi Ventures Oy and has been working in the technical communications industry in Finland since 1998. Since then, he has worked as an editor, technical writer, QA specialist for documentation, consultant, product manager, team lead and most recently as an entrepreneur. He has also been a DITA evangelist and advocate of open source and open standard approaches in recent years. His specific focus has been on documentation for software engineers. He is currently chairman of the Finnish Technical Communications Society.
   Louise Harrison,  England
Louise Harrison holds an B.A. in Modern European Languages and an M.A. in Translation Studies. She worked in-house at SDL for a number of years, first as part of the project management team and then transferring to the office responsible for translation into English. As a member of SDL’s English Network Office, Louise completed her translation training by working on a number of key accounts and a wide variety of texts, eventually reaching the position of Senior Translator. It was during this time that she began to develop an interest in language consultancy.
Since leaving SDL in 2010, Louise has been working as a freelancer with a diverse set of skills: as well as being a translator in a variety of fields with a focus on technical texts, she is also a proof-reader and a trainer on writing using Controlled Natural Language. She has developed her advanced knowledge in this area through her close collaboration with some of SDL’s most high-profile technical clients. In the past year she has held a number of workshops for technical authors in the USA and continental Europe, from which the feedback has been extremely positive.

Panel Discussion – Best Practices for Creating Value from Technical Contents

          Hans Garritzen, STVY, Co-Moderator
Mr. Hans Garritzen has been working in the field of technical communication and translation/localization for over ten years. He is responsible for developing the SDI Global Solutions business in Europe, including strategy, services, business and development models and customer relationships.
Hans is an M.A. graduate of Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands and has also studied at Aalto University in Helsinki and Princeton University in the US. Hans has held various positions prior to joining SDI. At Sigma Kudos Hans worked as a Key Account Manager and was responsible for ramping up a back office operation for content creation in Hungary. At AAC Global Hans was responsible for developing and expanding a global translation/localization operation for a key client and leading the content creation team, while at Flo Apps Hans developed information visualization services for online use.
  Terhi Sipilä, Oilon, Finland
Terhi Sipilä has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of technical communication. She has an M.A. degree from the University of Turku, and holds a PD (Professional Development) degree in Technical Communication from the University of Vaasa. The focus of her expertise is in information design, content management, and content creation. Her studies for further competence development have covered among others general and organisational communications as well as leadership. In addition to specialist tasks in technical writing as an author, consultant, and project manager, she has worked for many years in various leadership positions from Site and Project Manager to Resource and Line Manager. Terhi has worked in several documentation development projects, including process improvement and content and layout improvement. In her present position as Documentation Manager at Oilon she is responsible for the concern global documentation activities. Under her command, the documentation team aims to meet the demands of globally operating user groups of various environmental and heating solutions and devices. Latest addition to her international networking and leadership experience was a three years’ period as the President of TCeurope, the European umbrella organisation for technical communicators.

    Helen Chambers, Nokia, Finland
I have extensive professional experience in the area of user guidance, project management and localisation, coupled with all the skills related to management and leadership that I've accumulated over the years when leading diverse and multicultural organisations and teams. After graduating as Master of Arts from Tampere University in 1998, I entered Nokia and have since then held various specialist and management roles over the last 15 years. For the past 5 years I have been responsible for leading an organisation which develops, designs, creates, localises and publishes Nokia devices and services user guidance content for consumers across the globe in over 170 countries with more than 60 languages in three channels, namely print, online and mobile. In my role I have, for example, worked together with my team on moving our content to an intelligent modular delivery approach with OASIS DITA. Lately my time has been occupied with developing a new in-device support channel for Nokia Care.

  Maaret Johansson, Nokia, Finland
I have years of experience in the area of user guidance. I have been working in the areas of project management and localisation. I have also years of experience in leading global user guidance teams.
I have graduated as Master of Arts from Tampere University in 1999, and worked for few different employers before joining Nokia user guidance team 2001. I have also gained experience from NSN side where I have worked as HR business consultant for few years in between.
For the past 5 years I have been responsible for operational project management teams and currently the development team for user guidance. Our organisation develops, designs, creates, localises and publishes Nokia devices and services user guidance information for consumers across the globe in over 170 countries with more than 60 languages in three main channels, namely print, online and mobile.
In my role I have, for example, been managing user guidance projects, worked towards optimised ways of working in operational side as well as been part of developing new concepts for our deliverables, content and localization.