Speakers and Panelists

      Dr. Michael Fritz, tekom / tcworld GmbH, Germany

Michael Fritz holds a PhD in media sciences and a degree in business administration and specializes in marketing. He worked for several associations, e.g. as head of an institute for lifelong learning. Since 1996 he is Chief Executive Officer of Gesellschaft für Technische  Kommunikation e.V. tekom. Since 2001 he is also Chief Executive Officer of tcworld GmbH, a company providing services for tekom.

        Jang Graat, Netherlands
Jang F.M. Graat studied Physics, Psychology and Philosophy. Worked in high-tech computer business for almost 25 years as systems designer, technical writer, trainer and consultant. Started his own business 17 years ago. Has presented on a wide variety of topics in conferences around the globe. His main focus is on explaining technology to non-technical audiences and explaining complex concepts in a way that even his mother-in-law can understand. Has taught himself programming and now spends most of his time creating user-friendly tools based on FrameMaker and DITA. Loves to ride his Moto Guzzi to a conference (but that only works in some cases). Does not always wear the Dutch war colors on his cheeks.

   Eef Blommaart, Yamagata Europe, Belgium
Eef Blommaart studied Applied Communications in Gent and works as a business development manager at Yamagata Europe, a full service company providing technical & commercial translations into over 50 languages, layout services and print.
Prior to joining Yamagata Europe, Eef worked as a European Customer Service Manager at a Barco division. With more than 20 years of service experience in a highly technical and international world, Eef strongly believes in customer-fitted solutions by applying different available technologies and methods to meet the customers’ expectations.
  Stéphane Arnaud, euroscript
Stéphane Arnaud is business developer at euroscript International, a leading company providing customers with global solutions in content management. He has more than 15 years of experience in bringing value added services to demanding organizations whose success relies on the quality and the consistency of their technical documentation.

Panel Discussion – Best Practices for Creating Value from Technical Contents

  Dr. Birgitta Meex, tekom Belgium
Dr. Birgitta Meex is an Assistant Professor of German and Applied Linguistics at the Faculty of Arts, Subfaculty of Language and Communication of the University of Leuven in Antwerp. She is a certified trainer in technical communication (tekom). Her research is inspired by the desire to incorporate the disciplines of discourse analysis and cognitive linguistics. She has published research articles in the fields of corporate communication as well as technical and medical communication.

  Natacha Hinoul, RealDolmen, Belgium
Natacha Hinoul has a master in translation in Dutch, German and Spanish. She works since 2005 as a technical writer for RealDolmen. She is responsible for writing documentation, release notes and training courses in Dutch and English for the asset management ERP tool ‘Rimses’. Translating software into English and French and occasional functional testing are also part of the day-to-day job.
She was one of the initiators to establish an internal Translation Service Department at RealDolmen to guarantee better quality for corporate documents.
Her professional interest lies in staying up-to-date with the world of multilingual technical communication.
With over 10 years of experience in customer service she also has strong commercial and communication skills.

Johan De Blieck, Siemens, Belgium
Johan De Blieck studied Commercial Engineering at the University of Antwerp (1992-1997) and began his career at Bayer Antwerpen as technical purchaser.  Since 2006, he is Technology Manager DCS at Siemens Belgium, a job in which he combines business development, sales, marketing and product management for Distributed Control Systems (DCS).  Dealing every day with 4 languages (Dutch, French, English and German), technical communication is not only daily business but often also a very challenging issue. 

  Yolanda Kerkhofs, RealDolmen, Belgium
Yolanda Kerkhofs holds a degree of bachelor in Education, she was a teacher for 3 years before she started to work as technical writer at RealDolmen in 1998. She has done multiple technical writing projects in different business areas, from banking, to industry and pharmacy.
Yolanda has 6 years of experience as unit manager of the RealDolmen technical writing team. Currently she is being outsourced to a big pharmaceutical company and performs the role of a Process Support Specialist. Her responsibilities as process support specialist include facilitating and contribution to the development, maintenance and revision, training and implementation of processes and procedural documents owned by the department. She sees the technical writer function as a bridge between end users and the applications they need to use.