Presentation Descriptions

Technical Communication As A Business In Europe
Dr. Michael Fritz, tekom/tcworld, Germany
Due to the different challenges of our globalized world, technical communication has become more and more a success factor for European companies. There are legal requirements, technical challenges, needs of the different world wide audiences and educational standards that have to be met. Thus said, technical communication creates a very challenging and profitable business environment that offers career opportunities for many people. In his presentation, Michael Fritz will give some insights into the current state of technical communication in Europe.
Changing the engine without stopping the car
Jang F.M. Graat, Adobe, Netherlands
Even if you know that structured authoring and reuse makes perfect sense, the sheer volume of your existing documentation may keep you from making the transition that your documentation team desperately needs. Most companies cannot afford to start a full rewrite of their materials, and they cannot afford to stop production for months while the legacy materials are being converted and imported into a content management system. This presentation shows how a gradual migration of legacy materials into a structured authoring environment, and subsequent migration into a reuse system, is feasible when you use the right set of methods and tools.

Full speed on the Translation Highway

Eef Blommaart, Yamagata Europe, Belgium
Business Intelligence and Multilingual Chat at Honda Motor Europe U.K.
This presentation describes two Machine Translation projects that Yamagata Europe has realised with Honda Motor Europe. For each project the specific hurdles that had to be taken and the results that were achieved are described. One project translates data into English within a 12 hour scale, while the second project is a sample of an instant multilingual chatting service. Both systems are for in-house use at Honda Motor Europe only and fully integrated in the Honda IT systems.
The main challenges of this project were the user-generated-content with all its flaws and the very ambitious target of 90% understandability that Honda requested.

Augmented Reality in Technical Communication:  Expertise delivered on the spot
Stéphane Arnaud, euroscript
In the after-sales domain, effective technical communication is crucial. Its conciseness and availability determine if an industrial system can be accessed and maintained correctly. Therefore technical documentation is a key element in each manufacturer’s maintenance procedures. However, the production of such maintenance documentation often implies a significant investment from the operator.
In case of incidents, the mobilization of experts is often required. If this happens, the repair time and the related costs can quickly have a very negative impact on the entire operation.
Modern augmented reality solutions offer an operational opportunity for manufacturers to provide expertise on the spot at any time: combined with modern communication technologies, Augmented Reality allows experts to connect remotely with the maintenance staff and intervene in real-time.  Remote expertise solutions allow experts to run complex maintenance operations through multimedia tools without the need to travel.

How to Manage Successful Technical Communication Teams

Participants will be divided into groups and lead discussions on team management.

The topics include:

  • Hiring & integrating & training of (new) team members
  • Successful outsourcing strategies
  • Managing international teams - Chances and challenges
  • Designing efficient content creation processes for TC teams
  • Quality management in TC teams
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Best Practices for Creating Value from Technical Contents

(Panel Discussion with Natacha Hinoul from Realdolmen, Johan De Blieck from SIEMENS, Yolanda Kerkhofs from Johnson & Johnson and Susanna Akdut from ROXELL)

Moderated by: Dr. Birgitta Meex, University of Leuven  and Dr. Michael Fritz, tekom

Industry experts weigh in on the discussion regarding technical communication.