Last Updates

Dear Speakers,

Bangalore is calling! And I hope you’re all ready for this adventure?

Here you go with some last updates:


Please find the final program attached. Feel free to spread it around among your peers.

Your Presentation

Do you have your presentations ready? No? Then hurry up. Better enjoy the flight with a red wine and a good movie than messing around with PowerPoint. You have it ready? Then please sent it to me, so that I can put it on my conference USB Stick as a backup. Please put Chandru ( on CC. Each conference room will have a latop that you can use. However, if you feel more comfortable with your own laptop, you can use it as well. Make sure, you don’t forget your clicker.

Panel Discussion

As you can see in the program, we will have a panel discussion from 12:00 to 12:45 (“High Noon!”). We will have a chat about the translation industry, the specific challenges of this industry, international cooperation and tech trends. Be prepared to be a panelist. I will moderate this session together with Sandeep Nulkar. More info to follow in a separate mail.

Price Drawing

We will have a price drawing at the end of the day during the “Adjourning” session. SDL has sponsored to SDL Trados Studio Licences and Moravia sponsors a Nike Fuel Band (thank you, Renato!).


As you probably all know the conference will take place in the hotel Vivanta by Taj. However, we are all staying at the Hyatt Bangalore which is actually around the corner:


You all have your visa ready? Good!

Weather / Outfit

We will have nice weather with 25 to 30 °C over the day. That is, it’s pretty warm, so be prepared and take some light closings (e.g. polo shirts) with you. However, in the conference hotel there is air conditioning, which can be cold sometimes. Also in the evening it get’s a little bit fresher. It’s best to have some layered outfit. Also make sure you have comfortable shoes! The streets in Bangalore can be “challenging” and we will make a longer tour through Bangalore on Saturday. So make sure, you have comfortable walking shoes that you can easily slip in and out often (you have to take of your shoes in the temples!). Believe me: You don’t want to walk in your gala shoes through Bangalore.

Pre-Conference Meeting

There will be a speaker meeting on Wednesday, February 19 in the Hyatt at 7 pm. Please be there and join us.

That’s it for now. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to assist you.

See you next week in Bangalore!

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