Online Training and Certification

At tcworld China 2016, TCTrainNet, a special English-language training and certification program for qualification in technical communication, will be presented as well. It is designed and managed by tekom, the German professional association for technical communication, for the international arena, in particular for employees in overseas branches.


TCTrainNet serves both technical communicators and employers. The curriculum and learning materials were developed by leading professionals and experts from industry and academia.

Anyone wishing to get started or to advance in technical communication needs evidence of his expertise.
And companies want to ensure that their technical communicators are qualified.



Training and Certification

TCTrainNet is for individuals seeking a formal qualification in technical communication, or wanting to expand their knowledge and skills. Certification can provide many career benefits, including:

  • international recognition
  • improved career prospects
  • greater confidence and professionalism.

Corporate Training and Certification

It is also for employers who want to assure the standards and competencies of their technical communication team. Benefits for employers include:

  • immediate ROI with increased productivity
  • improved quality of documentation
  • international orientation.

Director of Training – TCTrainNet

Ray Culp



The TCTrainNet content was developed by experienced and well-respected technical communication experts from industry and academia. The Director of Training is Ray Culp.

If you have any questions, please contact the TCTrainNet Team at

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