NORDIC TechKomm 2016

Technical Communication and Intelligent Information

Experts from various European countries convened at the two-day event in Copenhagen to discuss trends and topics in the field of technical communication.

The main conference topic was "Intelligent Information"

In the age of digitalization and Industry 4.0, making smart services and information available to users is crucial. 


Wide Range of Topics in Technical Communication

Attendees participated in presentations and workshops in the field of technical communication including a wide range of topics:

  • Examples of "User Experience – UX" for information products
  • Use cases (target group analysis, media concepts)
  • Structured Authoring and Information Modeling
  • Augmented Reality
  • Dynamic Content Delivery and Mobile Documentation
  • Localization and Translation
  • Legal Requirements

Target audience

The conference is targeted at professionals in the field of technical communication who are eager to learn and share their knowledge about the latest industry trends. There were attendees from a large spectrum of professional backgrounds ranging from technical writers, information designers, technical documentation/communication managers to content architects, and many more.

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