June 7, 2016

Silent Partners Wanted! First Round of Feedback: What Should Students of Technical Communication Learn and Be Able to Do?

In order for the competence framework to meet the requirements of the industry as well as the standards set for academic teaching, "Silent Partners" are involved in the project. As a silent partner, you would support the project group with feedback, including checking for compliance with quality criteria, and contribute to the content of the competency framework itself.

All who are interested in contributing to the project "TecCOMFrame" as a silent partner are cordially invited to participate actively in the development of the project. Your feedback will help to ensure that the work results are of high quality and, likewise, that they meet the needs of industry and academic training.

We would appreciate your active participation! We are looking for professionals in industry and services, as well as representatives from universities with courses in technical communication, translation, engineering, or other adjacent areas.

We are looking for silent partners and experts specifically for feedback on the following topics:

Subjects / categories

1.   Language and Communication
2.   Standards and Regulations
3.   Interculturality
4.   Technical Writing
5.   Visualisation
6.   Information Architecture
7.   Information Technology
8.   Information Mining / Information Management
9.   Information Product Development
10. Terminology
11. eLearning
12. Quality Assurance
13. Multilingual Workflow
14. Publishing
15. Evaluation and User Experience
16. Management
17. Ethics and Philosophy
18. Corporate Communication
19. Engineering
20. Academic Research
21. Document Management
22. Generic Competencies
It is not necessary to provide feedback on all the items. You may choose to provide feedback on parts of the framework only, also depending on your qualification and knowledge. The feedback round is expected to take place between July and September. This mainly consists of independent work on the part of the silent partner. You will receive access to the current results of the project and a feedback form. If needed, we can also organize web meetings for discussion and exchanges between project partners and silent partners.

If you want to participate as a silent partner, please contact Daniela Straub d.straub@tekom.de or Anke Neytchev a.neytchev@tekom.de.

You can download the call for silent partners as a PDF-document here.