Geert Brône

Geert Brône is a research professor at the Department of Language & Communication of the University of Leuven (Antwerp campus). His research focuses on multimodal text and interaction analysis, cognitive linguistics und psycholinguistics.

Dacia Dressen-Hammouda

Dacia Dressen-Hammouda is Associate Professor of English for Specific Purposes at Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand, where she heads the M.A. program in Information Design & Multilingual Technical Documentation. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Technical Communication and Information Design. Her current research areas include indexicality and the cultural situatedness of writing, the discoursal construction of expertise, and the effects of intercultural exchange on the construction of appropriate voice. Her forthcoming book is called Learning the genres of geology: The role of indexicality and agency in the emergence of situated writing expertise.

Anne Ketola

Anne Ketola is a PhD candidate in the School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies at the University of Tampere, Finland, and a member of the MULTI (Multimodality in Translation and Interpreting) research group, investigating the role of multimodality within translation studies.
Her doctoral thesis examines the interaction of visual and verbal information in the translation of illustrated technical texts. She is also a co-author of the forthcoming monograph Revoicing Picturebooks (together with Riitta Oittinen and Melissa Garavini), examining the role of visual information within picturebook translation.a

Ralph Krüger

Ralph Krüger is a lecturer in translation studies, specialised translation and translation technology at the Institute of Translation and Multilingual Communication at Technische Hochschule Köln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences), Germany. Ralph holds a PhD in translation studies from the University of Salford, UK. His main research interests include cognitive translation studies, the interface between scientific and technical translation and cognitive linguistics, the didactics of specialised translation and the application of translation software and electronic corpora in the translation classroom. Prior to joining academia, Ralph worked as LSP translator for a major German translation agency.

Birgitta Meex

Birgitta Meex is an assistant professor of German and Organizational Communication at the Arts Faculty of the University of Leuven (Campus Antwerp). She is a certified trainer in technical communication (tekom), a founding member of tekom Belgium and the Secretary of tekom Europe. She has published research articles in the fields of cognitive semantics, corporate communication as well as technical and medical communication.

Tytti Suojanen

Tytti Suojanen is Senior Lecturer at the University of Tampere, Finland, and she has a Lic.Phil. and an M.A. in Translation Studies with a specialization in Technical Communication. She has been the head of the Technical Communications Programme at the University of Tampere (http://www.uta.fi/ltl/en/tc/introduction.html) since 1997, and is currently finishing her Ph.D. on the interaction of users and writers in user instructions of Finnish household appliances from 1945 to 1995. Her research interests include technical communication history, user instructions as genre, usability, and user-centered translation (Suojanen, Koskinen & Tuominen 2015: User-Centered Translation, Routledge).

Jenni Virtaluoto

Jenni Virtaluoto is a University Teacher at the University of Oulu, Finland, and she holds a PhD in English Philology. Her dissertation Technical communication as an activity system: a practitioner’s perspective can be accessed at urn.fi/urn:isbn:9789526209371. She is a Board Member of the Finnish Technical Communications Society with over 15 years of practical experience in technical communication.

Maurizio Viezzi

Maurizio Viezzi is professor of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting from English into Italian at the University of Trieste (Italy) and adjunct professor of Italian translation and interpreting at the University of Turku (Finland). He has published extensively on different aspects of translation and interpreting and lectured in several European and non-European universities. He was President of the European Language Council from 2013 to 2015 and is currently President of CIUTI (Conférence internationale permanente d’Instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interprètes).

Marion Wittkowsky

Marion Wittkowsky is a lecturer in the Department of International Technical Communication at the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany since 2007. She teaches courses in technical writing, technical translation, and applied computer linguistics. Prior to her position at the University she worked as a technical translator, project manager and finally as a business unit manager at a language service provider. A major focus of her translation work was post-editing the machine translation of SAP release notes.