Kerstin Alexander

Kerstin Alexander studied graphic design and illustration at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. After receiving her diploma, she worked as graphic designer for more than 10 years.  
Since 1997, she is professor of graphic design and technical illustration at Hochschule Merseburg (University of Applied Sciences), where she has been responsible for developing the Bachelor and Master programs in Technical Communication.
Her research interests focus on questions around the design and comprehension of pictures and illustrations.
She is author of the “Kompendium der visuellen Information und Kommunikation”, which appeared in second edition in 2013.

Markus Bader
Markus Bader studied linguistics and psychology at the University of Freiburg.
He completed his PhD in 1994.
Markus Bader currently holds the chair of Psycho- and Neurolinguistics at the University of Frankfurt.
His research interests focus on normal and impaired processes of language comprehension and language production.
Yvonne Cleary
Yvonne Cleary is a lecturer in Technical Communication, and Program Director for the MA in Technical Communication and E-Learning at the University of Limerick, Ireland. She holds an MA and a PhD in technical communication. Her research interests include professional issues in technical communication, technical communication pedagogy, virtual teams, and international technical communication. She has presented her work at conferences in Europe and the United States and has published in leading journals in the technical communication field, including Technical Communication, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, and IEEE Transactions in Professional Communication. She is a 2014 recipient of the CCCC Technical and Scientific Communication award for Best Article on Pedagogy or Curriculum in Technical or Scientific Communication.
Michael Fritz
Michael Fritz holds a PhD in media sciences and a degree in business administration and specializes in marketing. He worked for several associations, e.g. as head of an institute for lifelong learning.
Since 1996 he is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation - tekom e.V. and since 2013 also CEO of Europe’s largest association for technical communication – tekom Europe.
He is also CEO of tcworld GmbH, a company providing services for tekom / tekom Europe.
Franziska Heidrich
Franziska Heidrich studied Translation and International Specialized Communication at the University of Hildesheim.
Since 2011, she has been working with Prof. Klaus Schubert at the department of translation studies and specialized communication at the University of Hildesheim as a research assistant and Ph.D. student.
Her research focuses on the optimization of specialized translation processes.
Georg Löckinger
Georg Löckinger holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in translation studies from the University of Vienna. His award-winning doctoral thesis deals with translation-oriented reference tools and includes an empirical study on the information needs of professional translators. Since September 2013, Georg Löckinger has been a professor of technical communication at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.
Apart from his academic work, Georg Löckinger has extensive hands-on experience as a translator and terminologist in various professional settings. Furthermore, he is actively involved in national and international standardisation with regard to language technologies and language resource management.
Michael Meng

Michael Meng studied German linguistics and psycholinguistics at the University of Jena and the University of Edinburgh. After completing his PhD on syntactic analysis during reading in 1998, he worked as technical writer and later on as department manager Documentation and localization for a local software company.
In 2012, Michael Meng was appointed professor for applied linguistics at Hochschule Merseburg (University of Applied Sciences) where he now teaches courses on text analysis, text production and cognitive psychology in the B. Eng. and M. A. programs on Technical Communication.

Sandrine Peraldi
Research Director at ISIT, Sandrine Peraldi holds a PhD in Terminology and Corpus Linguistics (University Paris Diderot). Dr. Peraldi has been in charge of Research projects and European Projects at ISIT since 2006. She lectures in Terminology, Corpus Linguistics, Translation Studies, CAT tools and Machine translation. She also supervises Masters research dissertations. As a member of the CRATIL and the CLILLAC-ARP (Paris 7) research centres, she has published more than 30 research articles in the field of onto-terminology, discourse analysis, semantics and machine translation. She is Editor in chief of the Bulletin du CRATIL, the scientific journal of ISIT’s research centre.
Andreas Schubert
Andreas Schubert received a Master’s degree in Technical Communication from Hochschule Merseburg (University of Applied Sciences) in 2014.
He is currently working as freelance technical writer and graphics designer.
Klaus Schubert
Klaus Schubert is a professor of Applied Linguistics/International Specialized Communication at the University of Hildesheim (Germany). He was a sociolinguist at the University of Kiel (Germany), a computational linguist and project leader at the Research Department of the Software House BSO/Buro voor Systeemontwikkeling BV in Utrecht (Netherlands) and a consultant and technical manager at BSO/Language Technology BV in Baarn (Netherlands). For many years he served as a Professor of Computational Linguistics and Technical Communication at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences in Flensburg (Germany). Main research areas: Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies, Specialized Communication Studies, Interlinguistics.  
Daniela Straub
Dr. Daniela Straub, graduated in Psychology, has been working for tekom consultancy projects since 2003. For tekom she conducts empirical studies in the field of technical communication.
She organises and leads the tekom benchmarking workshops for the heads of departments of technical communication from several companies.
Furthermore she is involved in the development of the tekom further education guideline and certification system for technical writers.
Hans van der Meij
Hans van der Meij is senior researcher and lecturer in instructional technology at the University of Twente (the Netherlands). His research interests are: questioning, technical documentation (e.g., instructional design, minimalism, self-study materials, video), and the functional integration of ICT in education. He has published over 100 articles. He received several awards for his work, including a "landmark paper" award by IEEE for a publication on minimalism (with John Carroll).
In 2014 he received a “distinguished paper” award from STC for "Eight guidelines for the design of instructional videos for software training" (with Jan van der Meij).