For Participants

Purpose of the Colloquium

tekom Europe aims at connecting European scholars in Technical Communication studies and related fields. As a professional association for Technical Communication we strongly emphasize education and training as an important area of activity. Therefore the project TecCOMFrame has been initiated.The Colloquium serves two major purposes:

  • Supporting Scientific Research: The European Academic Colloquium focuses on the scientific contents with respect to technical communication and related fields. Researchers and teachers are invited to share their scientific knowledge and research (outcomes) with each other.
  • Enabling Knowledge Exchange: The European Academic Colloquium serves as a platform for scholars to discuss about curricula, study programs, mobility of scholars, students exchange, co-operation within universities, and so on.

Format of the event

The format of the event is a colloquium since we would like to enable the exchange and interactive discussion between the participants. Therefore we have limited the presentation time for each speaker to 15 - 20 minutes, allowing for lively discussions following the presentation. tekom wants to encourage the exchange of knowledge and current developments among the participants and provide them the opportunity to build up a European network.