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tcworld GmbH

The tcworld GmbH is a global services company with business conferences, trade shows and events. The most important customer is tekom, Europe's largest professional association for technical communication, and is headquartered in Stuttgart.

We are currently internationally active with the focus on Germany, Austria, Switzerland, India, and China. Our main products are tekom / tcworld fairs and conferences, web content, the German magazine ‘technische kommunikation‘, the English 'tcworld magazine', tekom book series and trade publications as well as an English TCTrainNet with the tekom international certification.

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Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation – tekom Deutschland e.V.

tekom is currently with 8,500 members Europe's largest trade and professional association for technical communication. The Association's work is made of 180 volunteer members in collaboration with the professional staff.

Main focus of the work is the development of the field of technical communication profession and the professional support of its members. The economic activities have been outsourced to the tcworld GmbH.

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