Translating Europe

Bridging the Gap between TC and Translation

Joint Workshop by TecCOMFrame / tekom Europe / EMT / LindWeb

The overarching aim of the joint workshop is to foster the mutual understanding and learning of translators/localizers and technical communicators, hence facilitating the translation and localization workflow. The crucial questions are, what are the main points, which both discipline have in common and how can knowledge about technical communication be used for translation and vice versa. It will further be discussed which knowledge competencies for translators entering the field of technical communication are necessary should therefore be part of academic programs or vocational training in the field of translation. The workshop will mix presentations, panel discussions and discussion with the audience. It addresses technical communicators, translators, language service providers and associations, students from both technical communication and translation studies interested in sharing mutual understanding on how translation and technical communication are linked.



Title of PresentationSpeakerTime
Welcome and Introduction

Inkaliisa Vihonen

European Commission Directorate General for Translators

Part 1: Bridging the Gap: Overlaps and Cooperation between Technical Communication and Translation
How to Bridge the Gap Between Translator and Technical Communicators? The Importance of Sharing Knowledge to Improve the Localization Process

Prof. Dr. Birgitta Meex & Dr. Daniela Straub

University of Leuven & tekom e.V.

TecCOMFrame: A Joint European Academic Competence Framework and Curricula for the Training of Technical Communicators

Prof. Sissi Closs & Prof. Dr. Birgitta Meex

Applied University of Karlsruhe & University of Leuven

The (PETRA-E) Framework of Reference for the Education and Training of Literary Translators

Henri Bloemen

University of Leuven

Overlaps Between Technical Communication and Translation

Prof. Dr. Sonia Vandepitte

Ghent University

Part 2: Integrating Technical Communication into Study Programs for Translation
How to Integrate Useful Competencies from Technical Communication into Translation

Dr. Yvonne Cleary & Dr. Joyce Kareman

University of Limerick & University of Twente

Translation Curriculum at Paris Diderot: Two Different Research Projects with International Groups of Faculty on Collaboration between Translators and Technical Communication

Prof. Dr. Patricia Minacori

University of Paris Diderot

Patient Information Leaflets - Two Professors of the EMT Network Present a Concrete Example of Synergies between Writing and Translation

Leona van Vaerenbergh & Thomas Hüsgen

University of Antwerp & University of Porto

Part 3: Vocational Training for Translators: Exploring Options in Technical Communication for Translators
TCLoc: A New Master's in Technical Communication and Localization at the University of Strasbourg

Renate de la Paix

University of Strasbourg

Experiences in Training Translation Professionals in Technical Communication

Prof. Sissi Closs

Applied University of Karlsruhe

Helping Established Translators Develop Technical Communication Skills

Dorothy Kenny

Dublin City University

Final Discussion

Inkaliisa Vihonen

European Commission Directorate General for Translators



When and Where?

Thursday, October 26, 8:45 - 13:00